User Manual

  1. The Hempstick User’s Guide, in PDF.

  2. The Hempstick User’s Guide, in iBook (I will provide a URL once I get it published on Apple’s iBook Store.

Demonstration Project Documents

  1. Demo Rudder Project in PDF, and in iBook.

  2. Demo Cougar Project in PDF, and in iBook.

Source Code

I no longer provide a zip file. The source code has been mirrored to GitHub. There are two parts, libHemp, and Hempstick. You will need to either clone the repositories or download the zip files. You will need to arrange the libHemp\ and Hempstick\ directories under the same parent directory.

The real Git repository is not located at GitHub for security reasons. I do not trust my destiny to other people, thus not to the Cloud. If you are a developer and want direct R/W access to the real repository, please contact me in the Hempstick forum.